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Friday, August 29, 2008

Vacation pictures

I planned to scrapbook tonight, but got sucked in to the black hole otherwise known as the Internet, the blogosphere to be more exact. Soooo, I made a montage of our vacation pics to post here instead. I am new the montage business, so some of our heads, and various other body parts have been cut off by the artistic frames that are on the pics. Oh well.

All of these pictures were taken on our wonderful, happy, long, blessed, vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama this summer. We were able to take the camper down and stay for a couple of months, and it was a blast. This is only about a quarter of the pictures we took. I hope you enjoy lookin' at them. I have to warn you in advance, I tried to avoid any pictures of myself in a bathing suit, but alas, I am in a couple of them. I hope you don't go blind. Squint just a little bit when you come to the water pictures and maybe if you don't look directly at me, your retinas will be protected. I do apologize, no really, I do.

Y'all please send up a prayer for those down on the coast tonight. Gustav is headed their way, and they are bracing themselves. Some of my peeps are down there, Bless 'em. Let's lift them up to the one who can calm the storm, and calm the child.
I love ya to pieces peeps.

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Melanie said...

Hey Calista,

I jumped over here from Beth Moore's blog. I smiled as I read your comment because her blog is what got me blogging as well (and I'm sure many others).

You've got a great blog by the way and it looks like you had a great vacation. My blog format's pretty basic but I'm still learning.

I'll stop by again. God bless.