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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

They're coming to take me away...........

me NUTS!!!!

Various questions from Sydney(7) in the last ten minutes: Mommy, which is bigger a Blue Whale or a Great White Shark? Did you know a lot of kids my age already have cell phones? Why are you on the computer so much? Do your fingers hurt from pressing all the buttons? How old is Max(our dog)? When is he gonna die? When he does can we get a Schnauzer? Then when that dies can we get a rabbit? Why is dad allergic to cats? Will we be allergic to things in Heaven? Did Jesus spit up when he was a baby?

Various words from Elly in the last 10 minutes: Can a cat have puppies, or do they only have other cats? When I swim why does snot come out of my nose sometimes? How old is Max? Aren't you older? When are you gonna die? When you die we will buy another Mommy. I have to go pee pee will you wipe me... why not, you wipe faster than I do. But I don't wanta wipe myself 'cause it makes my throat hurt....UMMMM......Mommy come here, the potty's "frowin' up"....... Maybe I should have wiped her after all.........

And my personal favorite, I like to call them the Sam I Am questions....

Mommy do you like boo boos?
Did you like them when you were little?
Did you like them when you were big, but before we were born?

No, I do not like BooBoos,
I did not like them when I was was little, I do not like them now,
I did not like them when I was big, but before you were born.....
I do not like boo boo you see ,
now leave me, leave me, let me be!

Just wanted to get that off of my chest.

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