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Friday, August 15, 2008

Go get a snack.....

.....cause this is gonna take a while.

Heavy stuff: Sorry, for the late blog today. We had many errands to run, and had to go see Poppy in the hospital. Y'all keep him in your prayers for us, for a quick recovery and successful chemo.

*disclaimer: none of the stores mentioned below are paying me to use their names, and after you read this, you'll know why~

light stuff: Now, y'all know me, and how I like to keep it light. Don't take things too serious cause it's all temporary ya know, but I'm about to blow the dust off the soapbox, and step on up. As my Momma would say, "it's gittin' so's you can't go anywhere"... and this time, she would be right. In the midst of our errand running today we needed to find Me some shoes. Yes sister, bras AND shoes, you missed it. The first stop, Dillard's. You just can't be a southern girl and not love you a Dillard's can ya? Now, I don't know how far down south they go, but here in Missipi, they are DA BOMB. I thought I would run into the girl's department to see if they had any cute swimming suits marked down for the kiddos, because you know, as I said before, you may recall, I am cheap. I sauntered right up to the rack and they had some real cuties. Many to choose from, and all was going well until the most annoying, no clue havin', helpful sales clerk came along. She was grabbing swimsuits and shoving 'em in my face faster than I could say "No thank you". The girls are both big for their age, so it's hard to find sumpin that looks their age, that's in their size. Not that I think a 7/8 is the appropriate size to start dressin' like a garden tool, but I guess a girls gotta start somewhere.

pushy suggestive sales lady: don't you love this one? (tiny two piece with "surf chick" across the butt)

Me: no, I don't like any wording across the bodonkadonk. (or a suit that looks like some dental floss and a band aid)

pushy suggestive sales lady: yeah, I guess your girls are a little young for that.....(what?)

Me: yeah, we'd like 'em to start loosin' their baby teeth before we dress 'em like a hoochie momma.

She left me alone after that.

Next stop, shoe store. We walk inside and there is a woman with several children going in just ahead of us, only one of the children is kind of straying and not paying attention, the way all kids do. This woman turns around and says, "c'mon mutha #&@*!" WHAT??? NO SHE DI-ENT????? YES, SHE DID! And then, she said it again!! Now I know you sisters that have known me for a long time will be shocked to hear that I, YES I, was at a loss for words. IF this is what she calls him in public, what does she refer to the child as at home? ...so, NO shoes for me today, let's just go home. Now I know this, along with the beautimus sweater and necklace set I spoke of in an earlier post, leaves you for certain thinking this girl shops in the GHETTT-OH,,,but alas, I was in Hisnando at the Hibbets. So, ya just can't go anywhere.

And you guessed it, I got home with NO BRAS AND NO SHOES....another day, another shopping trip, another post.

peace out


Tater Mama said...

Let's just call that a middle-of-the-blog ZINGER!

calista said...

Felina has sent you a link to a blog:

Hey Girl! Your BLOG is fun. Try Playtex 18 hour bras. Yes, you can get them at your beloved Dillard's, and also at Macy's, but I get MINES at Walmart!!! Only $12.99.....